InVerse / Principles of Biblical Leadership + Justin Kim

01 Discovery of Calling: Prayer and Purpose

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How does one discover their purpose and calling in life?

13 Legacy of Leadership

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How you finish the race matters just as much as how you start.

12 Power of Remembrance

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The power of forgetting and the power of remembering.

07 The Usage of Power

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Leadership is not just about using power, but about yielding power.

04 Organized to Orchestrate

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A seemingly mundane chapter reveals stunning insights.

03 The Hand of God

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How does God move in your life?

06 Through External Opposition: Watchfulness

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Biblical principles to survive ridicule, personal attacks, and threats.

05 Through External Opposition: Prayer

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Friction indicates movement.

02 In His Presence: Vision and Planning

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How does one balance prayer with planning?