Sharing Hope - (Ep. 07) Who is Jesus? Man fails the test

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God created this planet of ours, this world. For six days God created light, the firmament, plant life, animal life, everything needed for life. Then on the sixth day, God made man, fashioning him delicately out of the earth.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 08) Who is Jesus? The punishment for sin

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God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the world. They ruled over the creatures that God had created.

Sharing Hope - (P. 10) Who is Jesus? Jesus comes to Earth

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Sin is disobedience to God. When we disobey God, we reject Him. When we reject Him, we separate ourselves from Him. Sin separates us from God. When we separate from God, naturally, we die because God ONLY is the source of life.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 13) Who is Jesus? Conqueror over Temptation

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Jesus showed us by His example that we can escape and win over evil. And He can give us the strength to resist temptation.

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