Sharing Hope - (Ep. 05) Who is Jesus? - Sin enters

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A terrible thing happened. Very slowly, quietly and secretly so that no one but God in His wisdom knew of it. No one can explain why and how it could happen, but it did.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 09) Who is Jesus? Our Hope in the Conflict

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God knew everything that happened, that man had sinned. Instead of leaving man to suffer the consequences, God took the first step, came to the garden, looking for him, calling, wanting him back. Only a God of love would show such concern. God initiated the remedy for the situation.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 11) Who is Jesus? The Child Jesus

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How would you like to live forever in sin? How would you like to suffer from a painful sickness and live on and on in that condition?

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 12) Who is Jesus? Overcome over Appetite

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The fate of the whole world was at stake. If He failed, the world would be lost forever. If He succeeded, He would conquer Satan and re-gain the world.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 15) Who is Jesus? The Provider of our needs

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Jesus can provide those needs if we ask Him. He knows what we lack, and often He already has the answer ready before we ask.

Tuhan Memilihmu

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A music video tribute especially to our Front Liners, for all their sacrifices and hard works in keeping us safe from the life-threatening dangers of Covid-19.

Amat S'nang Aku Khabarkan

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咖喱南瓜 Pumpkin Curry

Ready, Set... Cook! | CHINESE / 0 VIEWS

你知道南瓜是属于水果的一种吗? 南瓜富含维生素和抗氧化剂,对饮食有很好的补充作用。我们想不出有什么比把南瓜制作成咖喱更好的方法!

Rau Củ Xào

Ready, Set... Cook! | VIETNAMESE / 0 VIEWS

Xào có lẽ là cách ngon nhất và dễ nhất để ăn các loại rau củ, và bạn luôn có thể thêm hoặc thay thế các nguyên liệu khác nhau theo những gì bạn có trong nhà bếp.