Truth Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most evidence-based forms of psychotherapy. And what if CBT is integrated with spiritual values and beliefs, for those who value spirituality?

When Illness Joins the Family

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Unfortunately whether physical or mental, Illness is natural but unwelcome part of life. But how can we cope with it? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss the challenges, dynamics and realities that families face when a loved one faces an illness or health challenge.

Wedding Woes

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What's marriage really about? Join Willie and Elaine as they clarify the purpose of marriage and discuss wedding planning with a soon to be married couple.

Beyond Social Media - Needs of Today's Youth

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Real Family Talk discusses the most significant struggles and needs youth face today including social media.

Pelajaran 9 - Dari Kecemaran kepada Kermunian

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"Maka ia menjawab: "Sampai lewat dua ribu tiga ratus petang dan pagi, lalu tempat kudus itu akan dipulihkan dalam keadaan yang wajar." (Daniel 8:14)

Pelajaran 11 - Dari Pertempuran kepada Kemenangan

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dan berkata: "Hai engkau yang dikasihi, janganlah takut, sejahteralah engkau, jadilah kuat, ya, jadilah kuat!" Sementara ia berbicara dengan aku, aku merasa kuat lagi dan berkata: "Berbicaralah kiranya tuanku, sebab engkau telah memberikan aku kekuatan." (Daniel 10:19) Pencerahan baru dari Buku Daniel. Marilah kita pelajari bersama-sama.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 02) Who is Jesus? - Son of God

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Jesus is more than the head of a business or a company, higher than any king or president of any country on earth. He is the Son of God and therefore is God. The Bible calls Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose kingdom lasts forever and ever. He rules over the universe and all within it. He is God above all, and He is beyond our understanding.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 04) Who is Jesus? - Before He came to Earth

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As Son of God, Jesus came from heaven, the location of the heavenly throne. Before He came to earth, and even now, He was one of three persons that composed the Godhead. The three included God the Father, Jesus, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three persons work together as one. We see evidence of this when they created the world, our world.

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 06) Who is Jesus? - God creates the Earth and man

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Jesus, as the Son of Man, was God dwelling with man. What does this mean for us?