Einstein's Brain

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Choose this Day

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08 Satan, A Defeated Enemy

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Discover the prequel to what happened before our world began.

Your Questions Answered - Marriage Woes

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What to do to get your spouse to really listen to your conversation.

Episode for November 13, 2019

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Why didn’t Jesus save John the Baptist? Can you go to heaven before the judgement? Is Communion important? Were the 10 commandments nailed to the cross?

Pelajaran 10 - Dari Pengakuan Dosa kepada Penghiburan

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Ya Tuhan, dengarlah! Ya, Tuhan, ampunilah! Ya Tuhan, perhatikanlah dan bertindaklah dengan tidak bertangguh, oleh karena Engkau sendiri, Allahku, sebab kota-Mu dan umat-Mu disebut dengan nama-Mu!" (Daniel 9:19)

Deadly Business

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Sometimes we are mixing priorities in our life. Did you ask yourself which is the correct list of priorities and how can we apply it correctly in our daily life? This video will help you finding some answers.

Devouring Flames

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How many times did you get into a fight over small issues with a loved one: spouse, parent, child? This story reveals the true war behind many of these fights.

Fatal Pleasure

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Today, thrill seeking became a way of living. But have you thought about the fact that much too often pleasure does not come for free?