03 The Hand of God

InVerse / October 14, 2019

How does God move in your life?

02 In His Presence: Vision and Planning

InVerse / October 07, 2019

How does one balance prayer with planning?

03 Jesus' Messages to the Seven Churches

InVerse / January 14, 2019

Is your spiritual life a roller coaster?

10 Successors and Ancestors

InVerse / December 02, 2019

How to build a city. Not just its walls, but also the people.

09 Through Hidden Opposition: Discernment

InVerse / November 25, 2019

Social deception. Military deception. Spiritual deception. All in a ploy to deter Nehemiah from his mission.

04 Worthy is the Lamb

InVerse / January 21, 2019

Get an inside look at the command center of the universe!

05 The Seven Seals

InVerse / January 28, 2019

Have you been conquered by the gospel message?

02 Among the Lampstands

InVerse / January 07, 2019

Do you ever feel like you're in an island experience?

12 What Have They Seen in Your House?

InVerse / June 17, 2019

When the world looks at your family, what do they see?