Incredible Gift

Smart Moves / 179 VIEWS

Have you ever received a gift that is too good to be true? What makes you believe that the gift is truly real?

Undue Insult

Smart Moves / 100 VIEWS

What are the worst insults that you can tell a person nowadays? Are they something that the person is in control of?

Heavy Burden

Smart Moves / 83 VIEWS

Have you ever felt that you are part of the wrong herd? This episode tells a story that, although extreme, is familiar to many of us: the herd instinct manifested in fashion.

Deafening Chatter

Smart Moves / 73 VIEWS

Too often we engage in long and meaningless discussions as if they matter more than anything else. But what about those meaningful and profound discussions that are worth having?

Deceitful Safety

Smart Moves / 62 VIEWS

Sometimes we have unwise actions that lead us to dangerous results. So how can we get out of that situation?

Hidden Truth

Smart Moves / 54 VIEWS

Sometimes we prefer to live a lie instead of facing the truth. But what happens with all those things that we're ignoring?

Devouring Flames

Smart Moves / 46 VIEWS

How many times did you get into a fight over small issues with a loved one: spouse, parent, child? This story reveals the true war behind many of these fights.

Fatal Pleasure

Smart Moves / 46 VIEWS

Today, thrill seeking became a way of living. But have you thought about the fact that much too often pleasure does not come for free?