Hidden Truth

Smart Moves / 54 VIEWS

Sometimes we prefer to live a lie instead of facing the truth. But what happens with all those things that we're ignoring?

Self-Image Issues

Every Word / 50 VIEWS

Love Your Enemies

Every Word / 47 VIEWS

Devouring Flames

Smart Moves / 46 VIEWS

How many times did you get into a fight over small issues with a loved one: spouse, parent, child? This story reveals the true war behind many of these fights.

Fatal Pleasure

Smart Moves / 46 VIEWS

Today, thrill seeking became a way of living. But have you thought about the fact that much too often pleasure does not come for free?

Growing Up

Every Word / 44 VIEWS

Making a Difference

Every Word / 43 VIEWS

Making it Right

Every Word / 39 VIEWS

Mediums and Psychics

Every Word / 38 VIEWS