How to Control Overeating

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Do you often find yourself thinking about food? Do you enjoy watching videos on food? Is food the center of attention in your life? Find out if you are overeating and what foods to stay away from.

06 Mung Bean Soup

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Here we have a special recipe for you featuring the mung bean! Originally from India, this bean is now enjoyed all over Southeast Asia and China. It is full of nutrients and serves as a great way to get some meat-free, healthy protein. Enjoy!

12 Chia Seed Pudding - 4 Ways

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Craving something a little sweet? Try this wonderfully versatile chia seed pudding that gives your body the fiber it needs!

Making it Right

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Mediums and Psychics

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Balancing Work and Family Life

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Are you too busy to take care of yourself? Learn some practical tips that will help you successfully balance your busy schedule.

Building a Better Brain

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The NIH defines addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that changes the brain’s structure and how it works.

08 Green Curry

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Green curry is a classic Thai flavor that is loved all around the world. Try out this easy vegetarian green curry recipe today!

07 Thai Noodles Salad

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Craving something light and refreshing? This Thai Noodle Salad is just that. This dish is an exciting salad to try making today. Enjoy!