Rau Xào Húng Quế

Ready, Set... Cook! | VIETNAMESE / 1 VIEWS

Rau Xào Húng Quế là một trong những món ăn đường phố phổ biến nhất của Thái Lan. Ngon và dễ làm, Pad Kra Pao chắc chắn cũng được yêu thích trong bữa ăn gia đình.

When Illness Joins the Family

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

Unfortunately whether physical or mental, Illness is natural but unwelcome part of life. But how can we cope with it? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss the challenges, dynamics and realities that families face when a loved one faces an illness or health challenge.

Preparing for Parenthood

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

How do you prepare for parenthood? What advice is there? Join Willie and Elaine as they share relevant practical tips about having and raising children.

Help for Parents Navigating The Age of Violence

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

Helping teenagers navigate through the rise of violence in today’s society.

Family Ministries Centennial

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

Celebrating a century of strengthening families for Jesus.

Beyond Social Media - Needs of Today's Youth

Real Family Talk / 1 VIEWS

Real Family Talk discusses the most significant struggles and needs youth face today including social media.

Episode for October 30, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 1 VIEWS

Must I attend church? Will I be sad in heaven? Is paraphrasing the Bible ok? Does the Bible prohibit loud worship/ women wearing men’s clothes/ tattoos?

Sharing Hope - (Ep. 03) Who is Jesus? - He is the Creator

Sharing Hope / 1 VIEWS

God created the heaven and the earth: and everything in this world. God made them, and therefore owns them, and rules over them. Jesus, with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, is the Creator.