Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Talk with your children about how your Christian values and faith influence the way you spend, save, and give your money. Share how you have been blessed when you’ve paid tithe or been generous with God, and help them learn wise ways to manage their own money.


  • Malachi 3:10
  • Paying tithe is a special way to say “Thank You” to God. Giving an offering is a special way to say “I love You” to God.

Gather together:

  • Ten small identical coins per child
  • Paper and pencil
  • Attractive cards and pens
  • Plain white envelopes and coloring materials

What you do:

  • First, walk through your home with your family, giving thanks to God for everything He has given you. Invite each child to point out three things in each room for which they are especially grateful to God. Think about your garden, garage, community, and wider family, whatever is appropriate to thank God for in your situation.
  • After you have thought of so many things that God has given you, tell your children that all your money is a gift from God too.
  • Give each of them ten identical coins and tell them the money is from God. Isn’t it wonderful that they have ten coins from God! Explain that all our money belongs to God, but He gives it to us to provide for our needs and for us to share with those who don’t have any.
  • Ask your children to draw around each of their ten coins on a sheet of paper.
  • Ask how they can say “Thank You” to God for giving them the money. We can say “Thank You” to God in our prayers, but God has made a special way for us to say “Thank You”: we can return a tithe by giving one coin of the ten coins back to God. It belongs to Him anyway. Although we can’t give money directly to God, we can give it to His special work on earth, to support our churches and pastors.
  • That’s a good deal, because He lets us keep the other nine coins!
  • Write “Thank You, God” on one of the coins—or draw a crown on it because it belongs to God.
  • It’s only polite to say “Thank You” in this way, but we can also say “I love You” to God by giving another coin away as an offering, or as a gift to someone who needs it. Write “I love You” on another coin, or draw a red heart on it.
  • The interesting thing is that when we give these two coins away to God, our “Thank You coin” and our “I love You coin,” we never seem to miss the money because God helps make the other eight coins buy much more than the ten coins could have bought.
  • Help your children pay their tithe and offering in your church’s usual tithe envelopes. Or use the activity below to make your own.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Provide attractive cards for your children to write a thank you letter/prayer to God for all He has given to them. Or let them make their own special card to say “Thank You” to God.
  • Or give your child a plain white envelope. Ask them to decorate it in any way they like to create a tithe/offering envelope.
  • If appropriate, have your children put their tithe and offering in the envelope and say a short prayer together, asking God to bless the money.

Useful resource:

Saying Thank You to God by Karen Holford, Autumn House, 2009. ISBN
978-1-906381-42-4. This is a book for young children that warmly explains that we return a tithe and give offerings to say “Thank You” and “I love You” to God.