Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Think about some of the things you could do, positively, to protect your family from evil influences. Pray that God will put His protective wall of love and goodness around your family and each person in the family, so that Satan cannot take control. Help your children to find good books to read and creative and inspiring projects to do. If a child does something wrong, never describe them as bad or evil because they may feel overwhelmed by the description and feel unable to change. Instead, help the child to focus on the ways God is working for good in their lives, and affirm them whenever you notice them making good and right choices.


  • 1 John 3:8Revelation 22:34
  • Jesus came into our world to win the battle over everything evil. Even though bad things still happen, we know He is looking after us. One day He will take us to heaven and evil will be destroyed forever.

Gather together:

  • Plain paper
  • Crayons and pens
  • Clear plastic file pockets or sheets of clear acetate
  • Permanent marker pens
  • Newspapers

What you do:

  • Give each person a sheet of paper. Have them draw a beautiful and colorful picture on it. It doesn’t have to be artistic. A simple flower or rainbow would be fine.
  • Slip each picture into a plastic file pocket and shuffle them.
  • Hand them out again so that each person has someone else’s picture.
  • Give each person a marker pen. Have them scribble on the plastic until they can hardly see the picture.
  • Now look at the pictures again. They are messy and ugly.
  • Hand them back to their original artists and let them take their pictures out of the scribbled pockets. They look beautiful again.
  • Discuss:
    • What did you like best about this activity?
    • What do you think your pictures, the plastic sheets, and the marker pens really represent? (God’s perfect creation, Jesus’ protection, and Satan’s attacks)
    • Why couldn’t the beautiful pictures be damaged?
    • What do the sheets of plastic help us to understand about Jesus?
    • How are the pictures like our world?
    • Who is responsible for trying to make the world an ugly, sad, and hurtful place?
    • Why does Jesus want to protect us from Satan?
    • How can we help Jesus fight Satan and his evil ways where we live today?
  • Search for Bible verses that show that Jesus has already overcome evil and that He will help us fight evil too.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Look through local newspapers to find evidences of Satan working in your community (poverty, crime, violence, sadness, illness, etc.).
  • Choose a project in which you could make a difference and bring Jesus’ kingdom gifts from last week into someone’s life (peace, healing, love, joy, hope, etc.).
  • Pray together and ask God to help you find one way you can fight evil where you live. You may need to invite other people to help you. You could clean up an area of natural beauty, collect food for a food bank, donate items to a homeless or needy project, make care packages for sick people, or visit lonely people, etc.
  • Or make a list of people you know who may be hungry, sad, ill, lonely, or hurting. Write your list around the edge of one of the pictures. Put the picture inside a clear pocket. Pray for people by name, and ask God to protect them with His love so Satan can’t hurt them anymore. Also ask God to help you make a loving difference in their lives.
  • Send a card to tell them you’re praying for them. Even something small can make a huge difference.