Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Help your children to know and feel that they belong to the body of Christ, (your church), just like the adults. They need to know that they can use their gifts to serve others; that adults can learn from their innocent perspectives; and that they are just as important as anyone else in the church when they choose to follow Jesus.


  • In a church, or family, everyone is stronger when they work together, because each person has different gifts. It’s as if we are all parts of the same body—everyone is important; everyone has a special job to do; everyone hurts when one person hurts; and everyone is happy when one person is happy.

 Gather together:

  • A large die
  • The list of numbered activities below
  • A blindfold or soft scarf for activity 1
  • Paper and pens for activities 1 and 2
  • Large sheet of paper and pens for prayer/reflection activity

 What you do:

  • Gather together to play the Missing Body Parts game. Roll the die and do one of the following activities depending on which number you roll:

    1. Wear a blindfold and try to draw a cow on a piece of a paper.

    3. Write a Bible verse, but tuck your thumbs into your palms and don’t use them to hold the pen.

    5. Move across the room on your own without letting your feet touch the floor.

    7. Tell a Bible story without speaking.

    9. Put on your socks without using your hands.

    11. Do up your buttons, or tie your laces, using only one hand.


  • Discuss:

    • Which was the hardest activity to do?

    • Which was the easiest?

    • What new things did you discover about the importance of your hands, feet, voice, and eyes?
  • Read aloud Ephesians 4:1516. Jesus is the head of a church or a family, and He keeps all the parts working together well. We work together best when everyone makes loving and following Jesus the most important thing in their lives.
  • Now work together to make the shape of a church using all of your bodies. Make a steeple and the main part of the church and doors that open wide. See if someone can take a picture of the church you’ve made with your bodies!
  • Discuss:

    • Why do you think God gave us all different skills?

    • What do you like best about being in a family or in a church community?

    • How is Jesus like the head or “brain” in our family or church—the part that leads out so that every other part knows the best thing to do?

    • If you were just one part of a body, which part would you be?

    • Are there any parts of the body we could easily manage without?

    • What gifts has God given you to help your family and your church?

 Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Draw a simple outline of a body on a large sheet of paper.
  • Work together to write a sentence of praise for the way God has created each special part of our bodies, such as arms, fingers, finger nails, teeth, hair, brain, back, toes, heart, etc. Write these in and around the outline of the body.
  • Point out that we have so much to praise and thank God for, right in our own bodies!