Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Children can easily take a parent’s love for granted. It can help them to understand how love works in action when you warmly tell them, “I like doing this for you because I love you!” Ask your children what you do that helps them to feel especially loved. Then do it as often as you can, because God loves to give us wonderful gifts too (James 1:17Matt. 7:11).


  • We can feel God’s love for us even though He is very far away. He can feel our love for Him through the choices we make in life and the ways we worship Him.

Gather together:

Make a list of things to pack in a “love package” to send to someone far away that you have never seen—or pack a shoe-box parcel for a child. See a website like www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk for the kinds of things you might need, and where to send your finished package.

What you do:

  • Find someone you don’t know who would be very happy to receive a special love package: (a) an elderly person in a care home who doesn’t have any visitors; (b) a homeless person who would appreciate some home-baked goodies and self-care items; (c) a missionary far away who needs encouragement; or (d) a child far away as identified by a ministry like those in the website above.
  • Find out what the person most needs and what they would most appreciate and enjoy. Then take your children with you to buy some of the things for the love package. Let them choose some of the things and make the experience a fun outing. Buy some tissue paper so they can wrap each item separately.
  • Come home and serve refreshments as your children pack the items for the box, making everything as nice as possible.
  • When it’s all wrapped up and ready, hold hands around the parcel and pray for the person who will receive it. Pray that he or she will experience God’s love through your package.
  • Make a list of the ways we can love God, even though He is far away: Prayer, worship, singing, trusting Him, being obedient to His loving rules, making sacrifices for Him, putting Him first in our lives, following Jesus, loving people, forgiving others, etc.

Prayer/reflection activity:

Have each person choose one of the following idea:

  • Write a love letter to God.
  • Create a mime, expressing your love to God.
  • Make a card for God, telling Him how much you love Him.
  • Share a “popcorn prayer” in which anyone can say a short phrase, word, or sentence prayer at any time. For example, you may begin a prayer about God’s love by saying, “Dear God, we love You because You love us so much!” Then someone might say, “Thank You for forgiving me!” and another might add, “Yesterday’s rainbow reminded me of Your love and care,” etc. Continue for at least a dozen responses. Then close by saying: “Thank You for loving us, in Jesus’ name, amen.”