Video Production for Digital Platform


  • Some experiences in journalistic work and media.
  • A public high school, preferably a university qualification in journalism, media or humanities.
  • Good knowledge of multiple digital platforms.


Course Description

There’s a difference between uploading content to social media and telling a story. Journalism is increasingly exploring new forms of visual storytelling in digital platforms. News video for social platforms is one of these. If produced successfully, it can unfold stories in less time and simultaneously engage and open a conversation with the audience. As journalists, how do we tell stories through social video? How do we create compelling pieces that will successfully inform and reach our audiences? This training course is focused on highlighting best practices for producers. It begins with teaching the fundamentals of content strategy - the cornerstone that every organization, regardless of its sizes, should have – gives a framework and practical training on how to produce real-time news videos for Facebook and an overview of the type of content that YouTube values, and provides a general approach to content performance measurement.


Course Objective

  • To learn the fundamentals of content strategy, including performance indicators.
  • To understand the role and skills of a producer for social media.
  • To learn how to produce news videos for Facebook and understand the differences with YouTube.
  • To learn and develop new media skills and outreach approaches through digital media platforms by creating appropriate and convincing content and being able to deliver them as effective ways of evangelism.
  • To learn to be digital evangelists by using digital platforms as creative ways to reach out to other people and present to them the gospel in a very unique and somewhat relevant context in today’s day and age.

Course Outline

  • Developing a content strategy
  1. Defining and measuring success.
  2. Determining a target audience.
  3. Platform-thinking approach.
  • Producing news videos for Facebook
  1. Platform Overview.
  2. Key elements of a news video for Facebook.
  3. Roles.
  4. Software, resources and tools.
  5. Workflows: From identifying stories to exporting, distributing and managing engagement with the audience.
  • Highlights on YouTube
  1. Platform overview.
  2. Content categories.
  3. Setting-up a content vertical.
  4. Content strategy tips.
  • Content performance
  1. Basics on data and analytics.
  2. Aligning indicators and definition of success.


Course Benefits

A diploma certificate accredited by Hope Channel Institute and Asia Pacific International University.