Creative Writing


  • A desire to learn and improve writing skills.
  • Experience in media or writing in general in all its forms.
  • Good command of English in order to understand texts that may be presented during the course for comparison and analysis.


Course Description

The course focuses on creative writing techniques in general as it is not just limited to literary writing but goes beyond the creative ways of writing any text in any creative format about any subject unrelated to literary style. This includes writing opinion essays, press reports, thoughts/reflections, short stories or even private e-mails. It’s all about the proper writing style adopted by the writer to touch and leave an impact on the reader.


Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Know the main writing methods.
  • Know the various and inspiring creative texts.
  • Know the glamorousness aspects in a creative text.
  • Master creation of creative aspects, and understand the strengths and weaknesses in text body.
  • Acquire the basic skills of creative text writing and initial search skills prior to writing.
  • Write and develop program scripts especially for the production of Hope Channel programs as creative tools of digital evangelism.
  • Improve writing skills especially pertaining to sermon preparation and delivery as well as developing other evangelistic materials.
  • Provide content scripts for the productions of their local media studio and participate as its support group actively. 

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Writing and its purposes:
  1. Why do we write?
  2. The influence of writing and its authority between the written and the spoken material.
  • Introduction to Writing techniques, types and risks:
  1. Types of styles: rational and emotional.
  2. Selection of the writing subject.
  3. Researches for writing the text.
  • Techniques of creative writing
  1. Preamble.
  2. Access to the topic.
  3. Traditional entry.
  4. Creative entry.
  5. Build creative text.

Course Benefits

A diploma certificate accredited by Hope Channel Institute and Asia Pacific International University.