Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Praising God and worshiping Him together as a family is an amazing experience that can bring you closer to each other and to God. If possible, find small ways to praise God every day, looking for the ways He provides for you and protects you. Help your children to notice God’s goodness and greatness and to celebrate His love.


  • Psalms 145; 150
  • Our God is an amazing God, and it’s important to praise Him and worship Him. It fills our own hearts with peace, joy, and love when we celebrate His love and goodness together.

Gather together:

  • Paper and craft materials
  • Sheets, crowns, gold-colored things (if you want to make a heavenly praise scene)
  • Clay, Play Doh®, or similar medium (find recipes on the Internet)
  • Ribbons (Wave these in the air like palm branches. They make pretty shapes and swirls as you sing praise songs.)
  • Praise and worship CDs and a music player
  • Musical instruments (or make your own rattles and bells)
  • Gather anything else you could use to help you praise God
  • Sheets of white paper—small or large
  • Colored fine marker pens in the colors of the rainbow

What you do:

  • Have a praise celebration together.
  • Read aloud Psalm 145 and list all the different praiseworthy things that God does in this chapter.
  • List at least 30 things you want to praise God for that He’s done for you and your family in the last year.
  • Read aloud Psalm 150 and imagine what kind of praise music all those instruments made. Think of all the different ways you can worship God—prayer, music, reading Scripture, song, creating beautiful things, etc.
  • Give everyone 15 to 20 minutes to create something that praises God from their heart. It could be a poster, a clay model, a picture, a prayer, a poem, a psalm from the Bible, a PowerPoint® presentation, a mime, a heavenly throne scene using things you have around the house, or a favorite praise song on a CD.
  • Everyone can work on their own to use their special, God-given talents to praise God. Or you can work together to create a special praise time.
  • Come back together to worship, celebrate, and enjoy praising God with whatever you have made or written or found. Imagine that the angels of heaven are praising God right by your side.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Read aloud Revelation 4:1-5. Point out that there is a rainbow around the throne of God, and one day we will praise Him face to face and see the rainbow. Make rainbow praise prayers. Either use one large sheet of paper and work together to make a big rainbow prayer, or use smaller sheets and work on your own rainbow praise prayer.
  • Draw a large, curved rainbow and write praise sentences that follow the curve, using different colored pens. You are making a rainbow of color, filled with words (or little pictures and squiggles if you have pre-writers).
  • Use the following colors and categories to help you create a rainbow.
    • Red – Praise God for the things He does to show His love for us (red is the color of hearts)
    • Orange – Praise God for anything you like
    • Yellow – Praise God for the things He does to make you happy (yellow is the color of smiley faces!)
    • Green – Praise God for the things He has made
    • Blue – Praise God for forgiving us (blue is like the water of baptism)
    • Violet – Praise God for being our King (purple is royal)
  • Read aloud your praise prayers to each other and then close by singing your family’s favorite praise song.