Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

The story of Ellen White reminds us that God can also use anyone who is willing to work for Him. Our children may be young, small, and dependent on us, but God can use them to speak to our hearts and help us to understand more about His love for us and His purpose for our lives. So be open and listen for what God wants to say to you through your own children. You can be inspired by their messages too.


  • 2 Chronicles 20:20
  • God has special messengers who help us understand God’s plans for us—now and in the future. Ellen White was a special messenger who helped us to understand more about Jesus, how He saves us, how He will return to take us back to heaven, how we can share our faith, and how we can live healthy, happy, and useful lives.

Gather together:

  • This activity takes a little preparation and thought, so plan well in advance.
  • Think of a simple activity your child hasn’t done before but would enjoy doing, such as a craft, a recipe, setting up a simple, fun game outside, etc. If you are stuck for ideas adapt some from www.familyfun.go.com or search for Christian family night activities on the Internet.
  • Then write out a detailed mystery tour that ends up with the child having everything they need in the right places to do the special task.
  • The point of this is that they don’t know what they’re doing, or where they’re going. They have to depend on you every step of the way, trusting that you know where you’re leading them in the end.
  • You can tell them what to do, one step at a time; you can write some of the directions on separate notes; you can provide pictures (visions) of things they need to find or do; and ask them to look up Bible verses that will give them an object to find or tell them what to do next. All of these instructions are similar to the ways in which God works through His messengers or prophets.

What you do:

  • Invite your child or children to go on a mystery challenge together. You can stay in one place and send them on errands using different kinds of messages (as described above).
  • When they have used the messages to help them find everything, and set up the activity, spend some time enjoying it together.
  • Read aloud 2 Chronicles 20:20.
  • Explain some of the ways in which God uses messengers or prophets to help guide His people through challenging situations.
  • Imagine together about how the mystery activity you did was like being guided by God’s prophets. Prophets guide us to find directions in the Bible; sometimes they see visions that help them to understand what to do; and sometimes they have direct messages from God to speak or write down. You were using those different ways to communicate with your children as they did their mystery challenge.
  • Point out that, of course, you are not a prophet, but this is to help children understand some of the practical ways in which prophecy can work.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Draw around the largest pair of hands in your family and cut them out.
  • Imagine these are God’s hands.
  • Along the fingers of each hand write: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7, NIV.”
  • Think about some of the worries and fears you each have for the future. Write them on God’s hands and leave them in His hands.
  • Pray that He will take care of your concerns and take away your fears and worries for the future. Ask Him to guide you every step of the way into the best future possible.