Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Help your children to enjoy healthful foods and a healthful lifestyle. The more attractive and enjoyable it is, the more likely they will learn the good habits that will protect their health for a lifetime.


  • 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20
  • Our bodies are special gifts from God. It’s important that we show Him how grateful we are for our lives by taking care of our health.

Gather together:

  • Picnic or outdoor table
  • Slices and pieces of fruit that your children like
  • Glass of water for each person (add juice if they prefer)
  • Comfortable blanket you can lie on outside
  • Large sheets of paper
  • Pencils and marker pens (felt pens)
  • Set of index cards with the following words and instructions written on them:
    • S (Sunlight) Lie with the sun on your face for five minutes.
    • T (Trust) Read Matthew 6:25-34 in a modern translation.
    • R (Rest) Relax on the blanket for five minutes and have someone rub your back gently.
    • O (Open air) Take a full, deep breath of air and let it out as slowly as you can. Do this five times.
    • N (No!) List five things that aren’t good for your health.
    • G (Good food) Run to the table and eat five slices of fruit.
    • E (Exercise) Run from the blanket to the food table and back five times.
    • R (Rehydrate) Run to the table and drink a glass of water.

What you do:

  • Prepare the cards, fruit, and water glasses.
  • Lay out the blanket with a Bible and cards at one end of the space you want to use.
  • Set up the table with glasses of water and fruit at the other end of the space.
  • Gather everyone on the blanket and shuffle the cards.
  • Let each person take one card at a time. Follow the instructions on the card together.
  • When you have done every activity tell them that these are all ways God has given us to look after our bodies.
  • Why has He given us these important instructions? To help make us stronger.
  • Tell the children that the letters at the beginning of the instructions spell a word and see if they can work out together what the letters spell (STRONGER). When they have found the word, celebrate by eating the rest of the fruit together.
  • Ask them what you need to do to maintain a car; for example, fuel, water, washing it, topping up windshield fluid, etc. What happens if you don’t maintain the car? Our bodies are even more important than cars because we’re precious to God and to each other. Discuss what you could easily do as a family to stay as healthy as possible.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Thank God for your healthy bodies.
  • Draw a large picture of yourself.
  • Write a “Thank You” sentence prayer for each part of your body, thanking God for making you so special.
  • Find a way to praise Him with your feet, hands, legs, voices, and arms.