Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

As a parent you are the most important person to help your children understand the character of their loving Father God. Ask God to help you parent in ways that help your children to experience His trustworthy and loving character.


  • We can trust what the Bible says because it is a gift of love from God to us.

Gather together:

  • Index cards
  • Pen
  • Drinking glasses
  • Your family’s favorite fruit juice cocktail, smoothie, or soft drink
  • Salt
  • Striped straws (optional—these are less obvious than solid colored straws)
  • List of several child-friendly Bible promises
  • Large smooth stones or rocks
  • Permanent marker pens in different colors

What you do:

  • Copy one interesting saying of Jesus, or an encouraging Bible verse, onto six of the index cards. Use a modern translation of the Bible that your children will understand best. Don’t write any Bible references on these cards.
  • Write some wise and interesting sayings from your own culture on the remaining six cards.
  • Shuffle the cards and number them from 1 to 12. Set them aside for now.
  • Make up two drinks for each person—one normal drink and one made with enough salt in it to dissolve invisibly and make the drink taste horrible!
  • Make sure you have a simple, but unobvious, way of knowing which drink is which, such as putting different colored straws in the salty drinks.
  • Invite your family to come and have a drink with you.
  • Tell them that you’ve made two drinks for each person—one tastes good and one doesn’t, but they look, feel, and smell the same.
  • How would they know which one was which, without tasting them and having a nasty experience? Ask for their ideas.
  • Hopefully they will suggest that they could ask you, because you made the drinks and because they trust you to give them the delicious drinks!
  • Then tell them which glasses contain the good drinks and let them try the drinks for themselves.
  • Ask how they were able to trust you, and how they learn to trust other people. (They know you love them; you keep your promises; you don’t tell them lies, etc.)
  • We know we can trust the Bible because God loves us, He wants the best for us, He always keeps His promises, and, when He tells us what will happen in the future, it always comes true.

 Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Prepare for the activity by writing 6 to 8 Bible promises on index cards.
  • Let each person choose one of the promises and write it on a rock or stone using a permanent pen. Let them keep their promise stones in their rooms or place them in the yard.
  • Point out that the promises are written on stone because we can trust God’s promises.
  • Thank God that He always keeps His promises to us.