Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

When your child is facing a difficult decision or challenge, use a concordance (Bible search dictionary) or the Internet to find a comforting or helpful verse to share with them in an appropriate and creative way.


  • Psalm 119:105
  • The Bible is very important to help us live our lives well today.

Gather together:

  • A construction toy kit with instructions or some small jigsaw puzzles
  • Old maps
  • Thick marker pens
  • Large sheet of paper 

What you do:

  • Give each child a construction toy without any instructions or a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. Give a different, age-appropriate activity to each child. It needs to be difficult enough that they’ll be unable to complete it without a guide to help them.
  • Let them struggle for a while as they try to do the task without any instructions or pictures.
  • Discuss what’s difficult or frustrating about doing this task without the instructions. What’s likely to happen if they never get the instructions or jigsaw picture? (Give up, make mistakes, get frustrated, don’t enjoy it as much . . .)
  • Then give them the instructions or jigsaw puzzle picture and let them complete the activity.
  • Which did they enjoy most—having instructions or not having them? How was it better and more fun when they had instructions and pictures to help them?
  • If they were to write an “Instruction Book for Life,” what would they want to include in it?
  • Say that God has given us an instruction book for life that contains rules, instructions, wise tips, real life examples of how to do life well, and stories of people who made mistakes so we can learn from them. He even tells us what’s going to happen in the future and how to have the best life ever!
  • Ask your children what they would like to know about how to do life well. Use the Internet and search for a biblical answer in a modern translation that they will understand and appreciate. If you get stuck, ask your pastor or study group leader to help you. 

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Send your children on a scavenger hunt to find some things that would help you to find your way if you were lost, such as a flashlight, compass, map, etc.
  • Thank God that the Bible, His instruction book, shines a light into our lives that: (a) helps us to see the safe way to go, (b) points us in the right direction, (c) provides a map to show us where we are now, and (d) gives us directions for finding the pathway to heaven.
  • Or create a map together of your life as a family. Include the ups and downs, twists and turns that you have experienced. Look at your family map and see if you can find times when you think God was helping, protecting, and guiding you, even if you didn’t know it.
  • Extend the map into the next year or two and discuss what would help each person to make the best decisions for himself or herself.