Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Remember that the goal of sharing your faith with your children is helping them to fall in love with Jesus forever.


  • Matthew 28:1920
  • The best person to follow is the Person who knows the best way to go.

Gather together:

A recipe and ingredients for a special treat that you’ve never shown your children how to make (a fruit smoothie, favorite cookies, or frozen banana popsicles). 

Frozen banana treat (makes 1—multiply to suit your family)

  • half a firm banana
  • popsicle or lollipop stick, or other food-safe stick
  • knife
  • chocolate nut spread, honey, or peanut butter, etc.
  • chopped nuts
  • plate
  • freezer
  • Insert stick into the cut end of the banana. Cover the banana with a layer of your chosen spread. Roll the covered banana in chopped nuts. Freeze the banana for at least an hour. Then eat and enjoy! The frozen banana becomes like smooth ice cream.

 What you do:

  • Tell everyone in your family that you’re planning a special treat and that when it’s ready you will call them by name and invite them to follow you.
  • Set the table with everything you need so that the activity runs as smoothly as possible. Provide damp cloths for quick cleanup.
  • When you’re ready, walk through the house, calling each person by name and asking them to follow you. “Hi, Jenny! Please come and follow me!”
  • If a person complains or doesn’t respond quickly, just smile, leave them, and call the next person. (Hopefully they will soon realize that they’re missing out! If they don’t turn up, make them a treat anyway and let them know warmly that you missed them.)
  • Lead everyone into the kitchen to make popsicles.
  • Show them what to do and invite them to copy you. Then pop them in the freezer for an hour.
  • Clean up together.
  • Ask: What would have happened if you hadn’t been called to make the treat? Or if you hadn’t been shown what to do? Or if you hadn’t had a recipe? Without someone to follow, who knew what to do, it would have been difficult to make the special treat.
  • If appropriate, read together Matthew 28:1920.
  • Jesus still calls us to follow Him because He loves us and has wonderful things to share with us. He shows us the way to heaven—the best treat ever!

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Write the letters of your names down the side of a sheet of paper.
  • Work together to write a characteristic of Jesus, or a positive character trait, for each letter of your names: e.g., PAUL – Peacemaker, Accepting of others, Understanding, Loving, etc.
  • If your family is open to this, pray and thank God that He has called us by name to follow Jesus so we can become more like Him.