Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Tell your children about an amazing time when the words in the Bible made a positive difference to your life in some way. This will help them to understand how God’s Word can have power in their own lives.


  • John 6:6-63
  • The Bible contains words that are very powerful. They can change our lives if we let them.

Gather together:

  • Lots of small cardboard boxes, or small scraps of wood
  • Several small rubber balls
  • Non-permanent, fine-tipped pens
  • Damp kitchen paper or rag you can throw away
  • Interlocking toy bricks (Legos®) or a sturdy construction set that has components you can write on
  • An attractive jar
  • A label
  • Slips of paper
  • Pens
  • Bible promise list or Internet site

What you do:

  • Ask the children to tell you kind words and phrases that encourage them and help them to feel they can succeed and do well.
  • Work together to write some of the phrases on the boxes that help you to feel strong,  Stack them in a sturdy tower.
  • Then write some words that tear you down on the little balls with a non-permanent pen.
  • Build up the tower a few times and see how soon you can knock it down with a few nasty words. Words are powerful. They can build you up, and they can quickly knock you down again.
  • Now look in the Bible to find encouraging words and promises and use the non-permanent pen to write some lovely words from God on the Lego®-like bricks.
  • Build these bricks into a very strong tower that can’t be moved—several layers thick and firmly interlocked.
  • Now try knocking down the tower of God’s words with the balls. This time the tower is much stronger than the balls.
  • Because God loves us and thinks we’re special, the horrid words don’t have to tear us down and discourage us. God’s words are stronger and more important.
  • We can wipe the nasty words away with damp paper towels so they disappear forever.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Make a promise jar together.
  • Search for special promises in the Bible and write them on slips of paper that you can roll up and pop into an attractive jar.
  • Make a label for the jar that says “Take one daily for strength” or “Bible Promises—spread liberally.”
  • Take a promise from the jar and pray a short prayer, asking God to fulfill that promise in your life.

Helpful resources:

100 Creative Ways to Learn Memory Verses by Karen Holford, Review and Herald, 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0812705058