Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

The Holy Spirit can be a difficult concept for children (and adults) to understand. It may help if you talk about how the Holy Spirit helps you in different ways.
You can also look for evidence of the Holy Spirit working in your children’s lives and let them know when you see that they’ve been inspired; encouraged to make a good choice; or experienced God’s comfort and reassurance, etc.


  • John 14:15-1816:5-15
  • The Holy Spirit is a powerful and invisible friend sent by Jesus to help, guide, inspire, and comfort us.

Gather together:

  • Several balloons
  • Blanket, candle, compass, flashlight, etc.
  • Pen for writing on the balloons

What you do:

  • Give everyone an uninflated balloon and encourage them to play with them: throw them in the air, pass them to each other, etc.
  • Soon they’ll get frustrated because flat balloons aren’t much fun to play with.
  • Discuss what’s wrong and why it’s not fun to play with flat balloons.
  • Then inflate the balloons and try keeping them all in the air without using your hands. Enjoy the fun for a few minutes.
  • Ask what made the difference to the balloon. It was the air. Even though we can’t see the air, it completely transformed the balloon from a floppy piece of rubber to a fun toy.
  • Explain that the Holy Spirit is a special Person, like an invisible Super-Friend. He came to take Jesus’ place on earth, so that Jesus could be everywhere and everyone could be helped, comforted, and inspired.
  • Without the Holy Spirit, our lives can be like flat balloons. When the Holy Spirit is breathed into our lives, it’s like the breath in the balloon—giving the balloon shape, bounce, and purpose. Although we can’t see the air, we can see the huge difference it makes to the balloon.
  • Show the blanket, flashlight, compass, and candle and discuss how each of these objects can remind us of the wonderful things the Holy Spirit, our invisible Super-Friend, can do for us.
  • If appropriate, let each person pray and invite the Holy Spirit to come and live in their lives.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Inflate a balloon for each member of your family—a minimum of four balloons.
  • With a pen, write one word on each balloon: “Praise,” “Thanks,” “Sorry,” and “Please.”
  • Toss the balloons around and then ask everyone to catch one.
  • Pray sentence prayers—or share a thought—inspired by the word on your balloon. Repeat a few times if you wish.