Discipleship Activities for the Family

Bringing It Home

Family faith-sharing tip:

Although the world is full of evil, God has given us many ways to protect ourselves and our children. We can pray for them, teach them, help them to memorize Bible verses, encourage them to develop good habits and values, and teach them the truth about God. By doing this we help them to put on the full armor of God from a young age.


  • Psalm 61:3Romans 8:37-39Ephesians 6:10-18
  • Because God knows how sneaky Satan can be, He has given us some special ways to protect ourselves from Satan’s temptations and lies. They are His truth, His power to save us, the peace that He gives us, our faith, our salvation through Jesus, and the powerful words in the Bible.

Gather together:

  • Several large cardboard boxes, including one very large box if possible
  • Newspaper
  • Strong scissors
  • Thick and thin marker pens
  • One sheet of posterboard per person

What you do:

  • Read aloud Psalm 61:3. God is described as a strong tower.
  • How is God like a strong tower? In Bible times people would run to strong towers when the enemy was attacking them.
  • Work together to make a fortress out of the largest box you have. It’s great if your child can fit inside the box but not totally necessary.
  • Once you have made a tower, use the thick marker pens to write Bible verses about God’s love, God’s protection, peace, faith, and salvation all over the outside, at different angles—rather like a graffiti wall.
  • If possible, have your child go inside the box and shut the door, if you made one. Otherwise he or she can sit behind the fortress.
  • Make “evil” ammunition out of balled-up newspaper. Throw them at the fortress as you say the kinds of lies and temptations that Satan might say to a child. Each time your child hears Satan’s lies and the ball hitting his tower, he or she says something like, “You can’t touch me. I’m a special child of God!”
  • Make sure you debrief after pretending to be Satan by saying, “I’m not Satan, I’m a special child of God!”
  • Help your child to learn one or two of the Bible verses on the tower that they can use to defend themselves against Satan’s attacks.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Make a prayer shield. Cut a simple shield out of posterboard.
  • Decorate one side with a design and a message like “Protected by God’s Power.”
  • On the other side write a prayer thanking God for protecting you from Satan’s evil power.
  • Keep the shield where it will remind your child of God’s loving protection every day.

Other resources

Download a coloring sheet about the armor of God from the Internet. Search Google Images for “Armor of God” and print a copyright-free image that appeals to your child.