Run For Health Help

Health: I didn’t Exercise Regularly

November 28, 2019 | Hope Channel Southeast Asia


On November 3, a mini marathon that was hosted and subsidized by the Mission Nurse Alumni Association of AIU, was held in Asia-Pacific International University, that is located in Muak Lek, Thailand.

The ‘Run for Health + Help’ was conducted specifically for raising funds with the purpose to renovate the laboratory room of the Mission Faculty of Nursing from Bangkok Adventist Hospital.
(Without trainings or warm ups, marathon can be physically challenging for an individual who tries to run as far as they can undertake within 40 km distance).

Before the race started, around 5 am the participants were brought for some warm ups. Later, the race was started by setting off the first batch runners of 15 km at 6 am, and 15 minutes later the family run of 5 km distance, followed behind.

About 800 participants, from young to the elder participated the race and represented the continents of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Besides the participants, the event was also attended by the organizers and the executive officers of the event, alumni students, Pr. Somchai Chuemjit, president of Southern Asia Union Mission, and Mr. Phonlawat Thienchaimongkol, Muak Lek District chief.

“Just run for fun and for your health,” advised Aek Chai, who claimed the first place for the 5km lap. “I would like to encourage you guys to run for your exercising”, he continued. In addition, students from the university stated that the run is good for health as well. “I want to have a good health. I didn’t exercise regularly so I think this marathon will help me to improve my lifestyle”, stated Gracena George, a Malaysian student. Dan Kazimoto, an IT major student, said, “Personally, I recommend people to run. It won’t only help us to get a better health, but in occasions like this, it will also help a good cause”.

Other than helping to improve the Nursing Laboratory, the organizers of the event wanted the participants to enhance and have a healthier way of living and one of it is by doing exercise. “To promote health is part of our message. So, when people participate, we are very happy, and we are grateful to God to have this opportunity to share good news about health”, said Pr. Somchai Chuemjit, president of Southeast Asia Union Mission.